A Love Worth Giving is a documentary that tells Sam and my story. The Director, James Newton, is a close friend of ours, so when Sam was listed for a transplant we wanted to document our journey and make a film to raise awareness.


A Love Worth Giving tells the real-life story of newlyweds Sam and Luke – a young couple madly in love. But Sam has Cystic Fibrosis and her health is getting worse, her only hope of survival is a double lung transplant.


We allowed James to film our wait for a double lung transplant and also recorded home-made video blogs to paint a personal picture of life living with Cystic Fibrosis and waiting for that life-saving telephone call.

Along the way we had several potential calls for a transplant but Sam just couldn’t wait any longer. After 3 years and 3 months Sam’s lungs failed and she passed away, still in need of a transplant. Her death profoundly changed me and I began painting in my grief.

Sometime later, James and I began filming again, determined to complete Sam’s original work. James was able to capture aspects of my journey after Sam’s death and my channeling of my emotion into art as I came to terms with our short life together.

In 2015, after completing filming James needed funds to see the film finalised and released to the public to the standard which we felt it deserved. We ran a kickstarter campaign and thankfully, due to the generosity of our supporters, raised over £15,000 to complete the film. As an incentive for high-level donors I agreed to paint a number of commissions as a reward, which will be featured on Art Transplant – so watch this space.

To watch the trailer, or sign up to get the release in December, please visit A Love Worth Giving.